2012 AIFD Convention

This years American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) Convention was held in Miami, FL and was a particularly important event for Botanica. Our own Audrey Chaney not only was inducted into the elite group of designers but was also asked to design and present to the whole symposium!! We are so proud of Audrey and all of her accomplishments!

AIFD is a non-profit education association that is committed to the advancement of professionals in floral design through education and leadership. AIFD accreditation is a high honor in the floral industry. Candidates become accredited by successfully completing designs that demonstrate their advanced abilities before a international panel of evaluators. Congratulations Audrey!!

Audrey receiving her pin on stage at AIFD symposium.

Audrey with AIFD president, Tom Bowling.

Audrey presenting her designs that showcased new and upcoming products in the floral industry.

Some of the designs Audrey created! These are some new vases from Syndicate Sales.

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